Posted on Jan 19, 2020

Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning

Castle Pines Golf Club

Why is a Castle Rock house cleaning service talking about a golf club? Because it’s just another of the many ways you could be spending your time instead of cleaning! Wouldn’t you rather be out enjoying a round of 18 holes instead of staying in and scrubbing floors?

We thought so.

That’s why we wanted to give you a quick review of the Castle Pines Golf Club. There are a lot of golf courses in Castle Rock but this is the BEST!

This club takes golf seriously so it’s a great place to really hone your skills. A portion of the course was built specifically for championship golf with the intention of being a part of the international PGA tour!

Doesn’t it sound great to play on the same course as the PGA pros?

Tucked into the northern part of Castle Rock (in the Castle Pines area) you don’t have to drive to Denver or hours towards Colorado Springs to enjoy an amazing course designed for high level tournament play. Instead, you just need to check out your own backyard. Which means the only thing missing is time!

Don’t have time to work on your game? Maybe we should be spending less time cleaning then! Don’t worry, we can help.

You can’t get more than 24 hours a day to enjoy but you can have someone else handle the basics like cleaning! Give us a call today!
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