Posted on Jan 19, 2020

Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning

The most important thing to any great service comes down to one thing ...communication! Everyone has a different goal in mind when it comes to cleaning. Of course, we all want a cleaner home but you may have special spots that are extra important to you and your family.

Let’s talk about what we need to know before we clean!

First, you’ve got to declutter your home a bit before we arrive. We don’t know where everything goes so things like cloths on the floor or food on the counter just wont’ work! It will be very hard to clean in those kinds of situations.

Let us know what’s most important to you. We don’t shy away from special requests so just let us know if there’s something that is an absolute must for you! It could be a special cleaner that you want used or a special area that you want to make sure we clean with extra vigor.

Whatever it is, it’s your house so you deserve to have it cleaned the way you want. Just let us know and consider it done.

Next you want to make sure your pets are in good spot. We’re definitely pet friendly but it can be scary for your pet to have strangers enter the home and start making all kinds of strange activity. So make sure you’re pet is either comfortable with us or safely housed in some part of your home!

We want to make your house cleaning experience as easy as possible! So don’t over prepare! Just take care of a few basic so we can both walk away happy! Call Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning today and let’s get started!
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