Posted on Jan 19, 2020

Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning

You’re busy! We already know that! That’s why you’ve got to stop spending all your time cleaning and hire Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning! But there are other great ways to save time, too. Like eating out at some of Castle Rock’s best restaurants!

When you eat local, not only do you support a great small business owner but you also get the chance to save on dishes! It also means great quality time spend with family (or friends)!

The only thing left is deciding where to go! We’ve got you covered. We aren’t exactly fine dining experts but we do know good food! Here are a few of our favorite Castle Rock restaurants:

Castle Cafe is the top on our list.

There’s not fancy about the food. It’s classic American food but you’ve got little ones that are often picky eaters the last thing you want is anything too fancy. What’s really interesting about this place is that the location is a hotel from the 1890’s!

While the venue might sound a bit fancy and vintage, you’ll get to enjoy this amazing location while chowing down on chicken fingers and burgers!

And if you’re looking for something outside of the American cuisine we highly recommend Tasty House Chinese Restaurant. Again, there’s nothing fancy here but you can expect high quality food at a great price. They also do delivery!

So forget about the dishes and order out tonight! While you’re at it, forget about all the cleaning and let us handle it!
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