Posted on Apr 23, 2019

Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning

Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning is here to help you actually ENJOY your weekend. You work all week! You're LUCKY to actually work 40 hours. But really it's more like 45, 50 maybe even 60 hours a week. The LAST thing you want to do is come home and clean!!

So that's where we come in. Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning can provide all types of cleaning but we love providing regular bi-weekly cleaning. By cleaning every two weeks we make sure your home looks great with minimal upkeep from you and your family.

But we can even clean EVERY week if you really want to not have to worry about keeping up with cleaning your home. How does that sound?

For other, we find that monthly house cleaning may work best. By cleaning monthly, we can make sure no area of your house gets left behind or neglected. In addition to keeping up with the basics the monthly clean includes a deep cleaning of key areas around the house.

But which frequency is right for you?

Only you can decide that but most of our clients enjoy the simplicity of a bi-weekly clean the most!

Call us today and let's talk about what will work best for your busy household!
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