Posted on Jan 19, 2020

Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning

Regular cleaning services

What do we mean by regular house cleaning? We certainly don’t mean that the service is just “regular” or “average”- we’re just referring to how often we clean! Regularly scheduled cleaning is the way to go if you want to have an amazing looking home every day of the year.

We offer cleaning on your schedule including:
-Weekly cleaning
-Cleaning every two weeks (bi-weekly cleaning)
-Monthly cleaning
-Or just about any other schedule that makes sense for you and your family!

We recommend going with the bi-weekly cleaning schedule. This allows our clients to focus on the small stuff day-to-day while we handle the big stuff!

When deciding what schedule you want the Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning team to visit there are a few things you need to think about:

First, how big is your family? If you’ve got a full family with several young children you’re going to be dealing with a big mess on a day to day basis. We can help but we’ll probably need to come at least every two week.

If you have pets you’re also going to need more cleaning. Pet hair can get everywhere but we’ve got you covered!

The last thing to consider his how much free time do you want and need? Obviously if you want to spend as little time as possible cleaning then you’re going to want us to clean on a weekly schedule but if you enjoy cleaning your home (like us) then once a month cleaning may make more sense.
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