Posted on Jan 19, 2020

Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Service

The Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning team is proud to offer exceptional deep cleaning services for every situation! Whether you’ve got a 10,000 sq ft home or a studio condo you’ve got to keep up with deep cleaning.

But what is a deep cleaning?

Our deep cleaning includes some of the following:

-Dusting and vacuuming in some of the hard to reach spots. Especially areas that are especially low or high. We’re talking about spots above the cabinets, behind the fridge or other tough to reach spots. Dust can really build up in these areas!
-Cleaning door knobs and areas around doors or light switches. You’d be amazed how dirty these spots get!
-Extra time and extra elbow grease on all spots but really focusing on areas that aren’t part of a normal cleaning rotation.

We have high expectations. And if you aren’t already using a professional house cleaning team then there’s good chance we won’t be able to clean your home the way we want (or the way you want) on the first visit without the extra effort that comes with a deep cleaning.

That’s why we always recommend starting a deep cleaning service first. That sets you up for success from the very start!

A deep clean can also be a great way to simply get caught up and start enjoying your home even more. So no matter why you need a deep clean there’s only one team you need to call! Reach out to Castle Rock Sisters House Cleaning today and let us handle the deep cleaning!
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